Tour Edmonton

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta in Canada. The city is located on the banks of the majestic North Saskatchewan River and has grown from an industrious trading post into a world-class leader on many fronts. Edmonton has over 100-year story and is one of growth, change and success.
In every sense of the word, Edmonton is a capital city! The unique features of Edmonton are :

  • Capital of the province of Alberta and seat of the provincial legislature.
  • A national economic leader, currently enjoying its longest period of sustained economic growth.
  • One of the world’s most cost-competitive business environments.
  • Gateway to the North and its multi-billion dollar oil sands and mining mega-projects.

A smart city, with 10 universities and colleges, including the University of Alberta, one of Canada’s foremost research intensive universities.

Home to Capital Health, one of Canada’s largest integrated academic health regions, providing complete health services to 1 million residents of the Edmonton Capital Region and beyond.

A diverse community, with a multicultural population that connects us to the world.

An artistic city, with a thriving grass roots arts community.

A festival city, hosting more than 20 major festivals a year.

Home of North America’s largest stretch of urban parkland, enjoyed by Edmontonians and visitors year round.